Jeffrey Baumgartner differentiates himself from typical business figures 

Differentiate. Be yourself

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Differentiate. Be Unique

The Road to Success Starts with Differentiation

If you want to succeed in business, you need to differentiate yourself from similar businesses. You need to carve out your own unique niche and own it. Do not waste your time trying to be better than the market leader in an existing niche (the market leader already owns that niche). Do not try and do a little of everything to maximise your prospective client base (it is better to have actual clients than prospective ones).

Define your unique niche and own it. Be the market leader of that niche and not another follower of someone else's niche.

Your Everything

Your market niche is your corporate identity. It is what makes your business special. It is the basis of your strategic vision. It is what excites your employees, your business partners and your customers. It is your reputation. It is the key to your business success.

Grow Your Niche

Your niche might seem only a small piece of a bigger market. But it is your piece. Own it and grow it. Operating systems for personal computers was once a tiny niche in the software market. One day a little company called Microsoft claimed that niche. Battery powered luxury cars was and still is a tiny niche in the car market, but it is a niche that has made investors in Tesla very rich. The company cannot make its cars fast enough.

You Need to Be Original

Search the web for advice on how to differentiate your business and you will find a lot of suggestions. They are almost all useless. Following a suggestion that many others have followed is not a path to differentiation. It is a path to sameness.

 In order to differentiate your business, you need to be original. You need to think creatively. I can help.

You Need to Be Brave

Once you have identified a unique way to differentiate your business, you need to create and own the niche. You need to focus your business activities, marketing and communication in terms of that niche. That can be scary. It can be a risk. So, you need to be brave. Are you brave? Are you brave enough to own your niche and grow your business into something really big and beautiful?

I Can Help

I know a thing or three about original creative thinking, being different and taking risks. I share my knowledge here on this web site and through my services.

If you are launching a new business and want to own your market, fight for space in a crowded market, I can help you find and define your niche.

If you run an existing business that is struggling in a crowded market, I can help you define your niche and the strategic vision that supports that niche.

If you are new to this web site, start here to read about the basics of differentiating your business. Or visit my articles & info page to learn more about how and why to differentiate your business.

Or, just contact me now.



Differentiate. Be yourself

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